5 late debutants that left a mark on cricket

adam-voges-1471681322-800Age is not just a number in sports, and there is no one who knows it better than the athletes themselves. It’s a profession where a player is expected to start early and retire within a couple of decades, and it is during the intervening period that one needs to make a mark for which the athlete will be remembered forever.

But, everyone is not equally lucky to get a chance to bloom early. There are players who have spent their entire youth in domestic cricket, and for whom a shot at international cricket happened quite late.

That, however, didn’t stop these cricketers from giving their best. Let’s take a look at 5 such late debutantes who reached milestones, created history, left a mark and gave us plenty of memories that will be cherished forever.
#5 Adam Voges

Adam Voges, the Australian attacking batsman had to wait a long time for his international career but grabbed the limited opportunity he was given to show off his talent. At the age of 28, he started playing ODI and T20 cricket for the country, albeit irregularly.

It was only by 35 that he became the oldest man in the Test history to score a century on debut, with the unbeaten 130 against West Indies. This extraordinary performance made him a part of Australia’s starting XI, on a regular basis.

He went a long way, from a brilliant debut to gaining a position where he was the best possible choice to be the vice-captain of the Australian Test side for the Test tour of Bangladesh in 2015. He was made the vice-captain of the team in the absence of the injured David Warner.


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